School Holiday Programs

Dynamic Footy Skills is famous for improving your footy and we do know that our game is also about having fun with your mates. Take part in our April School Holiday Program for only $49.50

So when you’re missing that lunchtime footy fix with your school mates during the school holidays or your local club has a holiday break, our School Holiday Programs will quench your thirst for footy.

Our April School Holiday Programs are for all primary school students born between 2005-2009 and we have 12 locations around Melbourne to choose from. Click on the below link to Register, and don’t forget places are limited so it is important that you do register fast.

The initial intake will be 30 places only per location

Remember you must become a DFS MEMBER prior to registering. This Membership will store the details of you and you child, ensuring that you wont have to fill these in multiple times for upcoming programs. Simply click on the DFS MEMBERS tab at the top of the webpage, fill in the details and submit. We will approve within a couple of hours. You will then be able to enrol in all DFS Programs with the ease of not having to enter details each time. The DFS Membership is FREE

      April 17 Holiday Flyer