Coach Support Program

Dynamic Footy Skills have coaches experienced at the highest levels of footy, so to help your club reach it’s potential let us pass on our knowledge to your club’s coaches.

By learning from our elite coaches, we can help give your coaches the tools and knowledge to help chart your team’s next success.

Each Coach Support Program consists of a chalk and talk session and an on-field practical session.

Below is just a snapshot of what we cover in our coaching development sessions.

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Our Coach Support Program covers:

  • Why do you coach Aussie Rules?  Know yourself
  • The diverse role of a Local Team Coach
  • Expectation of a Local Team Coach
  • Requirements of a Local Team Coach
  • Develop yourself as a coach
  • What is coaching? Work towards your own philosophy
  • Understanding / Developing / Consolidating a coaching philosophy
  • Philosophy of Age Specific Coaching
  • Competencies of Age Specific Coaching
  • Coaching Checklist
  • Importance of Preparation
  • Planning – Phases of the year
  • Effective Coaching eg S.P.I.R method
  • Winning vs Development?
  • Importance of Player rotations
  • Planning an Effective training session
  • Game Day routine
  • Post Game Review
  • Providing Feedback – Players/Coaches
  • Choosing a Captain

Please contact us today to discuss how we can help your club.