2020 DFS Coach Support Program Skills and Drills Booklet

Hello Junior Coach.
Please find below a catalogue of drills and skills.
Some were demonstrated at your CSP and there are some extras added for your benefit too. These can be used within your training plans throughout the 2020 season.
Warm up and Cool Down activities
Offline warmup
Dynamic Warmup
Cool down
300 touches ball handling
Pyramid Handball
300 touches
Skills drills
Window Handball
Triple C
Square Kicking
Kick to keep
Interlock kicking
Gather, give, bump
6 point kicking
Game Sense
Inside 50
5s a point
4 goal game
3s a point
3 v 1
Other Drills
5 Alive
Bolton Kicking

Crane Kicking
Eastern Drill
Fan Disposal
Kick to Keep
Pyramid Handball
Quick Hands
Tennis Tackling
The Spare
Tommy’s Drill
Williams Drill