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Coach Support Program

The Coach Support Program (CSP) stands as a beacon of support for club coaches and their support staff, equipping them with the essential tools to craft modern, development-based training sessions. With a proven track record of assisting over 100 junior clubs and leagues, the CSP has mentored more than 2500 junior coaches, empowering them in their quest to provide the ultimate experience for junior members and their families. Clubs completing our CSP not only witness improved coach performance but also enjoy increased player retention, participation, and overall development, as the skills and resources provided ensure that club coaches can deliver enjoyable and engaging sessions for their players.

The Coach Support Program is a comprehensive 4-hour coach development session conducted in-person at the club, featuring a 20-minute pre-session video, a 45-minute interactive classroom presentation, and a hands-on 3.25-hour practical session on the ground. Coaches participating in the program, engage in skill development and game sense drills, fostering a dynamic learning environment. The program extends beyond the in-person session, offering monthly through the DFS Coach Resource Portal, ensuring sustained support and development for the club’s coaching staff. Participants walk away with 12-15 new drills on the day, the DFS 7 Core Drill Booklet with detailed explanations and diagrams, an activities and games sheet encompassing all the day’s drills, and year-long touchpoints from DFS to foster continuous growth and success. The Coach Support Program is the cornerstone for clubs aspiring to elevate their coaching standards and create an enriching experience for their players.

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Direct Mentorship from Expert Coaches

Tap into the vast coaching experience of Dynamic Footy Skills experts, ranging from local to elite AFL levels, ensuring proven results for players at all developmental stages. You will receive expert presentation sessions on various coaching topics and also gain invaluable in-depth knowledge on critical aspects. From understanding the nuanced role of a junior coach to mastering the intricacies of preparation and planning, effective coaching strategies, game-day routines, player rotations, and beyond, our program ensures you develop a well-rounded coaching expertise.

Master the Game: Cutting-Edge Drills

Immerse your coaches in a dynamic learning experience within our Coach Support Program, where coaches not only learn new and up-to-date skill development and game-sense drills but also acquire comprehensive knowledge to design activities tailored for players of all ages and abilities. This unique approach ensures that your coaches become architects of engaging and effective training sessions, fostering an environment where skill development flourishes. It’s not just about drills; it’s about crafting a tailored coaching approach that brings out the best in every player, setting the stage for success on and off the field.

Player Retention and Development

Tackling the critical issue of kids dropping out due to poor coaching experiences, our program is designed to be a catalyst for change, ensuring that every coaching interaction becomes a positive and memorable experience for young players. The result? A significant boost in player retention, increased participation, and enhanced player development. We believe that when coaching is not just about the game but also about creating a positive and enjoyable environment, young athletes flourish and stay committed to the sport they love.

Proven Results and Endorsements

Immerse your coaching staff in an unparalleled journey of growth with our Coach Support Program, where industry-leading coaching expertise is not just a feature but a transformative benefit. By enrolling in our program, you’re not only benefitting from highly regarded coaching practices and philosophies but gaining exclusive insights that have forged partnerships with prestigious AFL Clubs like North Melbourne FC and St Kilda FC. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond recognition to tangible results and endorsements. With accolades from AFL South East and powerful testimonials such as “New found self-belief in what they can do,” rest assured that your coaches will not only receive high-quality development but also be part of a program recognized and supported by the most reputable sports organizations.

Government Backed Coaching Development

Amplify your clubs coaches capabilities with our Coach Support Program, now made even more accessible through Government-Subsidized Programs. This distinctive feature enables clubs to access our top-tier coaching support fully subsidised by Government Grants, providing an unprecedented benefit to those clubs aspiring to elevate their coaching standards. The advantage is clear – experience the pinnacle of coaching excellence without the financial burden. Elevate your club coaching standards with the assurance that excellence is within reach, regardless of financial considerations.

DFS Online Coach Portal Access

Unlock the full spectrum of coaching excellence with access to the DFS Online Coach Portal, a dynamic hub designed to propel your coaching performance to new heights. As a participant in our Coach Support Program, you’ll enjoy exclusive entry to this treasure trove of resources. Delve into additional content like the DFS Core Drill Bible, a comprehensive guide to tried-and-true coaching drills, along with specialized resources on Strength & Conditioning for Juniors and closely guarded technical skill secrets. This invaluable access ensures that your journey towards coaching mastery is not only supported but enriched, offering a continuous wellspring of knowledge and techniques to refine your coaching strategies.

How It Works


Register you Clubs interest to have the highly acclaimed Coach Support Program delivered at your Club.


Upon confirmation, you will select a date and time that suits your Club and Coaches.


Your coaches will gain on-going extra support via access to our Online Coach Mentoring platform.

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Unlock the full potential of your club coaches with our Coach Support Program dedicated to enhancing your coaching effectiveness. Access our seasoned mentors providing you with the tools, insights, and encouragement needed for sustained success.

Our renowned junior coaches, backed by cutting-edge coaching practices and philosophies, have secured exclusive partnerships with North Melbourne FC for the NMFC Next Generation Academy and St Kilda FC for the Saints Edge Academy.

The Coach Support Program is your pathway to not only elevating your coaches’ skills but also fostering a positive and engaging environment for players at every level of your club.

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“Our coaches have a new found self-belief in what they are doing”.

“They were fantastic. DFS have a similar philosophy to our club”.

“They have really good teachers within the DFS coaching group”.

“Our coaches have a new found self-belief in what they are doing”.

“They were fantastic. DFS have a similar philosophy to our club”.

“They have really good teachers within the DFS coaching group”.

empower your coaching team!

Register for the Coach Support Program – Unlock Top-Tier Training, Ignite Excellence, and Drive Player Engagement.

empower your coaching team!

Register for the Coach Support Program – Unlock Top-Tier Training, Ignite Excellence, and Drive Player Engagement.