DFS Membership Registration Process

STEP 1: Login Page

If you have a DFS account please use your Email and Password to Login.
If you do not have a DFS account please Click on Register new account  and follow steps below.

DFS Membership will be activated within 1 business day. log back in using your email address and password. please take note of your password as DFS does not store passwords as part of our privacy statement.

Step 2: Students

Click on Students.

Step 3: Students

Fill out all player details.

Step 4: Students

Add another student or continue registration.

Step 5: Classes

Click on Classes and Add Enrolments.

Step 6: Classes

Make sure to carefully select the correct option from each dropdown box.

Step 7: Classes

Fill out all class details. Tick box in select Classes, then click ‘Add to Cart‘.

Step 8: Payment

Complete payment details and ‘Submit‘.