DFS SHP Admin- Photo Guidelines Page

Photos at school holiday programs are vital for the promotion of our programs moving forward. Mum and Dad love seeing their player on facebook and we want them to Tag and Comment.  Therefore, we need a photo of EVERY player and a GROUP photo. Several action shots are good as well.
The individual shots will be take at the end of first snack break. The coach will line up the players up and you will simply walk along the line and take a clear photo of each player. Take your time to ensure all are suitable. If you are not happy then take another photo. Once individual photos are taken a group photos of players and coaches are to be taken, 1 smiling, 1 all arms in the air, 1 arms around each other.
Action shots – walk around during training and set up good photos, arms around each other, thumbs up. Taking a mark or kicking are great but you will need to get up and close.
See below for examples