Elite Senior Camp vs Peel Thunder

The DFS Elite Senior Camp squad took on the Peel Thunder from WA on July 7.

DFS’s Jason Pannam sends the ball forward
Coach Jarrad Carey was extremely proud of the DFS team, which had come together and produced good footy from just six sessions.
The players in the DFS squad got a first-hand look at an elite development program with close AFL ties, and how professional the Peel squad was on arrival, in game and after the match.
Peel Thunder coach Mark Pink named the DFS captain Dylan Allen as one of the best players on the ground, and Allen was delighted with his side’s effort.

“It was good, they just outmatched us today because they’ve spent all their time together,” Allen said.

“We bonded well as a team for the amount of time we had together.” 

However, he found the quality and speed of the footy was a bit of an eye-opener.

“It was good for a bit of a challenge, really quality footy. It was a bit of a step up to what I’m used to. It’s much harder competition so you’ve got to be quicker with your decisions.”

See all the photos from the match at Parade College on the DFS Facebook page here.
To see a list of the players, a copy of the match critic can be downloaded by clicking here.