DFS Player Horizon FC Offer

Exclusive 10-DAY FREE access today!

We’re launching our revolutionary online footy skills platform. Before launch we’re offering DFS players & families an exclusive 10-DAY FREE Membership.

But it’s only for a limited time. Offer ends Friday 22nd May.

“Due to lockdown restrictions, we cannot provide our on-site development programs to any of our DFS players, parents and clubs. This has left everyone devastated. To combat this, we’ve fast-tracked our revolutionary online footy skills platform – Horizon Footy Skills. Before we launch HFS to the general public – we want to offer our loyal DFS family exclusive FREE Membership first. We are super excited to launch HFS and love being able to give priority access to our DFS players & families.” 
                                                            – Adrian Talarico, DFS Co-Founder


How to claim your FREE Membership:

Is this really for FREE?

It sure is! Make sure you use the Coupon Code before Friday 22nd May to claim your 10-DAY FREE membership access. After this date, the code will revert to a 3-DAY free trial.

What happens after the FREE trial has finished?

You can continue your Membership with Horizon Footy Skills, and will be charged the amount of the Membership Tier you selected.

Or you can cancel before the Trial date ends – and discontinue your Membership.

The choice is yours. Either way – you get FREE access to the Horizon Footy Skills member site.

I heard about the API that my local club might sign up to. What is that?

You heard correctly. The API is our Affiliate Program Initiative. We’re offering local clubs the fantastic opportunity to receive a 10% rebate back from any of their football club members (players/families) who sign up for a new Horizon Footy Skills Membership.
All info about the API can be found here.

If I sign up before the API starts, will my club still get the 10% rebate?

As long as your club has nominated itself for the API, then YES, they will receive a 10% from your Membership. All info about the API can be found here.

Can I contact my club and let them know about the API?

We would love your support with this! We have emailed and called all clubs – however at times we’ve not been able to contact some of the clubs. Spread the word of the API benefits & your local club will benefit exponentially more. We’d suggest just simply forwarding the API website onto them. All info about the API can be found here.

I am interested. What do I need to do now?

Simple. Go to the www.horizonfootyskills.com.au and click on the ‘Join Here’ tab.

When it asks ‘Do you have a Coupon’ enter the coupon code that refers to your Local Football League. Sit back and enjoy your FREE 10-DAY Trial Membership

Coupon Codes HERE!

Find the ‘Coupon Code’ that refers to your Local Football League.

Can’t see your League. No problems. Send us an email and we’ll get your Coupon Code straight out to you! info@dynamicfootyskills.com.au


Remember this 10-DAY FREE offer ends Friday 22nd May.
After this date, the code will revert to a 3-DAY free trial.