Greensborough Location Admin Page

Ground Address: Anthony Beale Reserve, 277 St Helena Road, St Helena
DFS Development Officer Beau will be your point of contact on the day: 
m: 0424902544
e: development@dynamicfootyskills.com.au

DFS Head Coach- The Head coach along with their contact details will be posted on the top of the registration page role call

  • 8.15AM arrive at the ground
  • Identify registration set up area (based on the above map)
  • Identify where toilets are – open/closed? – report to Head Coach
  • Any safety issues around area? – report to Head Coach
  • Identify where bags are to be kept – changeroom, verandah – confirm with Head Coach
  • Set up Rego – computer and registration link open
  • DFS Coaches will have the first aid equipment. Please liaise with them for this 
  • Meet and Greet – Smile, hello to parents and ask player for surname, sign in, make reference to medical condition if on sheet, instruct where bags are kept, answer any queries.
  • No Cash Payments are to be made on the day, take note who hasn’t paid and notify via the registration rolecall
    • FAQ –
      • Parents do not need to stay
      • Welcome to come back early if you wish
      • Finish will be 3pm Sharp
      • Players will need to sign out with DFS Admin Staff once parent has arrived
      • Friends can be kept together- Any requests mention to Head Coach
    • 9.15 am Player Arrival Registrations are closed– Text Beau confirming Rego’s are closed Secure laptop in a safe place
    • Mingle with players/coaches for Photos
    • Any players that need the toilet, accompany them and wait outside for them
    • 10.15am observe players during break making sure they stay as a group
    • 10.30am individual player photos to be taken. Once taken, upload onto the folder below
    • Check/fill drink bottles
    • Mingle with players/coaches
    • Any medical problems during the day: eg blood nose- note on the registration page
    • Basic First aid can be found on the links below
    • Sign players out between 2.55pm – 3.00pm as there parents pick them up. Text Beau once the final player has been collected
    • Wait until the very last player has been picked up and text Beau before you leave. 
    • Admin staff not to take equipment, this is up to the coaches to leave with


  • 8.30am parents will begin to arrive
  • 9.00am program begins
  • 10.15am recess break (15mins)
  • 12.00pm lunch break (30mins)
  • 1.30pm break (15mins)
  • 2.55pm sign out on oval         
  • 3pm finish


  • It is important to have this page open on your computer when you arrive on site, as while setting up yourself for the day, parents will arrive. Simply open up the link and enter a YES into the column as they arrive.
  • As a player leaves, enter YES into the sign out column


  • The link above is where you will upload the photos taken on the day. Ideally these are uploaded no later than the conclusion of the lunchtime break.
  • The link to photos that we are looking for can be found HERE

We are confident that you and the Head Coach will be able to successfully deal with any injuries or medical problems that may occur on the day. It is important that you do consult with the Head Coach with any medical injuries. In the past, limited instances of this has occurred however we do still need to be prepared. Normally we have the odd blood nose, or strained finger, nothing major, but below are some links you can use should you need further advice:
Gen First Aid- CLICK HERE
Asthma Related
Nose Bleed- CLICK HERE

Thanks again for committing to the Administration role with DFS at the July School Holiday Program and we hope you enjoy the day. Quick reminder that anything you require, Beau (0424902544) is your point of contact.