The Academy Program FAQ

How will I know when and what Academy program master classes are on?

Check out the The Academy Program calendar here. We update the page as soon as we have more details and announce new Master Classes. We also let everyone know through our Facebook page too.

Are Master Class player numbers capped ?

Yes. Most of the Master Classes will have capped player numbers.  Once Master Classes are booked out, we will not accept any more registrations. We may however offer the Master Class again during the year.  To ensure you receive priority access, make sure you sign up as a GOLD member.

How will I know when the bookings open for each Academy program master class?

In addition to the regular updates on The Academy Program page and Facebook we will also send Academy GOLD members an email and an SMS well in advance to ensure every player and parent is aware.

How about if I’m unavailable to attend an Academy Master Class ?

This is the exciting part.  YOU only pay for the Master Classes YOU want to do. There are no lock-in contracts. You do not need to commit to season long programs.  Which is perfect if you’re away or unavailable for a Master Class.

What is the cost of the Academy Program ?

Master Classes will be periodically released during the year.  You choose what you want to do. It’s that easy!  Thanks to our program partners, Technika & Business Jet Travel, we are able to keep the costs for Master Classes to an extremely reasonable rate.  Master Class costs will vary between $50 and $120. Which is amazing when you consider the value you get.  Thanks Technika & BJT !

Are there any costs for the Academy GOLD membership ?

For Academy members wishing to upgrade to a GOLD membership, the non-refundable GOLD membership fee of $100 is fully credited against your 2014 Summer Training Program (’14 STP) AND it also reserves your spot in the ’14 STP (Oct-Dec ’14).  So players and parents are not out of pocket. How good is that!

How do I become an Academy Program GOLD Member?

Check out all the details on the Academy membership and registration age.

If I am an Academy member and I really want to do a program, can I book before GOLD Members?

No. The Academy GOLD members will always have a priority access-period to book. If there are any spots available in a Master Class once this time elapses, then the bookings will be open to all Academy program members.

I am a non-member and want to become a member, what are my options?

You have two options.
A) Apply and be accepted into the DFS Summer Training Program (opens in August)
B) Be offered an Academy membership upon completion of the DFS ‘SPARKS’ testing. SPARKS testing details here

My query was not answered in the FAQ page. How do I find an answer to my query?

Simply email us at enquiries@dynamicfootyskills.com.au
OR  just give us a call 0404 995 096