Summer Training Program North-East (Bulleen) Youth Girls

Welcome to the STP North-East (Bulleen) Youth Girls MyDFS member page.
Below is where you’ll find all that you need to get the most out of this year’s program.

CLICK HERE to access details for the North-East location : Training venue, training times, session dates.

MATCH DAY 7th DECEMBER - Details and registration

CLICK HERE to view the flyer with all match day details

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OPTIONAL AFL draft combine testing session - Details and registration

Due to many requests, we will be holding an extra optional AFL draft combine testing session.  This session will incur a fee of $20 per player.  If you missed out on the previous 7 testing sessions, or would like to compare your results with your previous testing results, you can register for this session.
Sunday 14th December, Parade College, Bundoora. 10.15am or 11.30pm. $20 p/p

CLICK HERE to register for the testing session


Coach reviews. Youth Girls Head Coach Lauren Arnell and Bec Privatelli.



Pre-training Strength & Conditioning #1


Kicking the Sweet Spot

This week: Clean ground ball pick-ups

Attacking the ball

No matter which position you play on the footy field the way you grab the ball is important. Attacking the ball hard and with purpose helps you beat your opponent. It’s no good waiting for the ball to come to you or someone else will beat you.
Watching the ball and driving at it with pace will ensure you get first use of the ball – at clearances or deep inside attack or defence.
This simple exercise below will help you get to the ball first and increase confidence in becoming a 1-touch-player.


DFS 300 touches

Before the start of every training session, all players will be expected to complete the DFS 300 touches.
DFS 300 touches is for players to maximise touches of the football prior to training, which will develop ball-handling skills.
Doing this simple exercise before training helps shape the hands and mentally ‘switch on’, ready for training.
Below is an introduction video to some individual and partner 300 touches activities.


Warm up and cool down

One aim of the STP is to encourage players to take more responsibility and ownership of their own football development.
Once players reach representative football (or any sport) cool-downs are an expected part of the training schedule.
Check out the following video where our Strength and Conditioning Guru Dave Veli guides you through a series of post-training cool-down activities, which will help with your recovery.
This video will help you understand how to perform a cool-down which can be practised in your own time. If there’s any more you want to find feel free to ask your DFS strength and conditioning coach at your next session.


Goal setting

Stay tuned for the full-length video of DFS Sports Psychologist Michael Inglis Induction Evening presentation.
CLICK HERE to access the Michael Inglis Goal Setting worksheet


Recognising different mindsets and following through with positive actions to improve yourself is important to achieve goals you set yourself in footy or other areas of your life.
Check out DFS Sports Psychologist Michael Inglis talk about ‘Mindsets’.

Goal setting

You’ve learnt about “Mindsets” and the importance of using a “growth” mindset in order to improve any aspect of your life including your footy.
Having a “growth” mindset allows you take on feedback from your DFS coaches and use it to improve your kicking, body positioning or any other aspect of your game. It’s important in achieving any goals you set.
Remember SMART.
S – Set your goal
M – measurable. Your goal needs to measured so you can track your progress
A – action-based. With footy everything is action-orientated.
R – realistic. Your goal needs to be achievable but challenging.
T – time. You want to set a deadline to when you want to achieve your goal by.
Check out AFL Players Association Sports Psychologist Michael Inglis Induction Evening Presentation on Goalsetting below.


Registration pages

  • CLICK HERE to access the registration page for the optional ‘Four-week pre-training S’n’C’ sessions


CLICK HERE to view the 2014 STP draft testing results
CLICK HERE to view TAC cup development squad, AFL draft and AFL player results


We have been lucky enough to secure the Western Bulldogs home oval and training facilities for this year’s AFL club visit.
2014 STP players will get the chance to train on the oval and also tour the rooms of the Whitten Oval.  Please click on the link below to download all the details about the day.
Be sure to note the time you are required at the oval (either 9.50am OR 11.50am), depending on which year you were born.
Carn the Doggies !!!!!
CLICK HERE for the memo with all detail regarding the Western Bulldogs train & tour





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