MCS Video Analysis and Athletic Testing

Please find below all the information you need about the exclusive MCS offer of Video Kicking Analysis and AFL Athletic Testing.
WHERE: These are ONLY available at selected MCS locations.
WHEN: Held AFTER the MCS session. Video analysis 11.15am – 11:30am.  Athletic Testing 11:20am – 12noon.   These may finish earlier, depending on the number of players completing each.
BOOKING: Simply book and pay on the morning of the MCS at the registration table.
You can choose one of the offers or both. It’s up to you!
COST: Video kicking analysis = $50 per player.  AFL athletic testing = $30 per player.
Video Kicking Analysis
This is a dual angle video camera analysis of your kicking action, completed by the DFS Director of Coaching, Adrian ‘Tala’ Talarico. Adrian has completed over 650 DFS kicking analysis videos!
It will be filmed on the day of the MCS session. The analysed video link will then be emailed directly to you, allowing you to access it anytime.  You will also receive exclusive access to the DFS AFL player ‘model kicks’, to help you understand the exact areas Adrian mentions during your kicking analysis. $50 per analysis.

AFL Athletic Testing
Players will have the opportunity to complete some of the exact AFL athletic tests included at the AFL draft camp.  The MCS athletic testing will include:

  • Height and Weight
  • Standing Vertical Leap
  • Running Vertical leap
  • 20 metre sprint

All results will be documented and emailed directly to each player.  Each player will also receive:

  • A detailed description of each test, why it is important and exactly what athletic traits it tests
  • Results of AFL players, allowing MCS players to compare their result with AFL players
  • Results of Elite junior playing squads including TAC Cup and Inter-league – allowing MCS players to compare their results and set personal goals