2017 Elite STP – Video Kicking Analysis & Xmas Strength & Conditioning Program

Video Kicking Analysis
This is a dual angle video camera analysis of your kicking action, completed by the DFS Director of Coaching, Adrian ‘Tala’ Talarico. Tala has completed over 800 DFS kicking analysis videos!  The video link will be emailed directly to you, allowing you to access it anytime.  You will also receive exclusive access to the DFS AFL player ‘model kicks’, to help you understand the exact areas Tala mentions during your kicking analysis.
The cost is $50 per analysis.
– “My son and I learnt so much about his kicking action and how to improve it. Thanks Tala.”
– “Very valuable. The comments on what can be improved and how to improve were great. Time to go outside and practice.”
– “Very informative. Thank-you.”

Xmas training program
This is an individual program, designed for you by our Strength & Conditioning ‘gurus’ based from the results you achieve during the AFL draft combine testing. Our ‘gurus’ have written over 350 Xmas training programs, for DFS players. The program will focus on specific areas you want to develop, improve or maintain.
It includes a 6-week program, detailing week-to-week, day-to-day activities for you to perform during the Xmas break.(Dec ’16 – Jan ’17). 
Each program is $70.
– “He followed it every day and loved every minute of it.  Thanks for a great training program.”
– “So much effort into this program. We’re really impressed that it was designed specially for Callum. Thank-you for your time and effort with this.”
– “Thank-you. This will keep him going over the Summer.”
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