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TBoS Kicking Drills & Program


Lesson #1 – Introduction

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Lesson #2 – TBoS Activity #1

The ‘Impact Zone’ – is the position where the ball makes contact with your foot. This activity allows you to place and hold the TBoS within the Impact Zone, without the need for a ball drop. This allows you to swing your leg through and make ideal contact with the TBoS, at the perfect position within the Impact Zone.

Lesson #3 – TBoS Activity #2

The ‘One Step Kick’. This activity introduces the ball drop as well as upper and lower body movement. The One Step Kick allows you to focus on your ball drop – specifically your guiding hand (the hand that holds the ball) and your balance arm (the opposite arm to your kicking foot). It is intended to increase the difficulty of hitting the sweet spot and increase the difficulty of making contact at the desired height/distance within the Impact Zone. The One Step Kick introduces the plant leg (non-kicking leg) without too much emphasis on power, force or stability. You should remember to keep your ankle locked (firm foot) before, during and after each One Step Kick.

Lesson #4 – TBoS Activity #3

The ‘Crane Kick’. This activity eliminates momentum and reduces movement, yet emphasises balance and ball drop technique. The Crane Kick requires you to balance on your plant leg, ensuring you are stable and sturdy before you kick the ball. Once balanced, it is critical to maintain your balance once you commence your ball drop and leg swing. Should there be any deficiencies in either your ball drop or the strength, stability and balance of your plant leg, it will be highlighted during the Crane Kick practice. 

Lesson #5 – TBoS Activity #4

The Solo Kick. This activity introduces the run-up and approach to your kick. With the introduction of the run-up and approach, momentum increases and so too does movement. The Solo Kick is to be performed at walking or slow jogging pace. Performing the Solo Kick at a reduced pace allows for a gradual increase in momentum and movement. This is critical, as it allows for the focus to be on every element practiced in the previous TBoS kicking activities – especially the autonomous feedback loop. It is also important to perform the Solo Kick at a reduced pace, as it will limit the amount of power and force placed on the plant leg, reducing any balance or stability issues.

Lesson #6 – TBoS Activity #5

The ‘Culmination Kick’ is the kick brings together all aspects of the kicking actions that have been practiced in the previous TBoS activities. This kick requires you to increase the amount of momentum and movement that you perform in your run up and approach before you kick.