Isaiah Markovsky

Isaiah really enjoyed the Elite Summer Program this year. So “thank you and job well done” to all of the DFS organisers and coaching team for putting on such as professional footy development program, where like minded kids that have the desire and ambition to succeed in footy can come together and take part of such a program.

As a parent thank you for the time and effort put into Isaiah’s footy development as we look forward to seeing you next year.

Evan – 2015 STP

I would like to thank you and the other DFS coaching staff for helping me improve my footy in the 2015 Summer Training Program.

I really enjoyed it in 2013 and I really enjoyed it this year. I would definitely recommend it to my mates!

Declan STP

It’s fantastic to see Declan enjoy your program so much, his passion for footy has certainly increased during these weeks.

Coby STP Ascot Vale

Thanks DFS team, my son Coby was so pumped when he came home. He even done his DFS 300 Touches before he went to school this morning with the intention of doing them after school as well. Thanks again team he’s rapt.

Pam Mohr STP Baxter

It was fantastic to watch those boys last night, what they did was very impressive. I was only there for an hour and what the coaches did with them was unreal!!

McSwain STP Baxter

A massive shout out to the coaches who were there last night. The way they related to the kids was awesome. My son can’t wait to get back for more training.

Gary Mill Park CSP

Clubs looking to truly develop young players need to incorporate Dynamic Footy Skills into their system by exposing all junior coaches to the Coach Support Program.