Elite Summer Training Program – Baxter, Wednesday

Welcome to the Elite STP ‘MyDFS’ member page. This page is the primary source of information for the Elite STP players and families. We will regularly update this page with all Elite STP information including, draft combine testing results, training information, coaches feedback, educational videos and much more.


MATCH DAY FINALE - Details & availability form

The Elite STP Match Day Finale will be held Sunday 6th December. The venue will be Warringal Park, Beverley Road, Heidelberg.

CLICK HERE to view the match times for each age group.

CLICK HERE to confirm player availability.

Please ensure that:

  • You arrive AT LEAST 20 minutes prior to the start of your match
  • You bring full match football gear, including your Elite STP training jumper 


  • Teams will consist of a mixture of players from all 5 locations (Ascot Vale, Baxter, Burwood, Bulleen, Bundoora)
  • Parents, friends, players willing to assist with game day duties please notify Simon or Jarrad at training (water carrier, boundary, goal umpire)
  • Presentations will follow each match
  • We will be operating a canteen during the day
  • Match day records will be available on the day.  Limit 1 per family.

MATCH DAY  – ‘Round Robin Format’

  • 9.00am (2005, 2006, 2007) = 4 teams, 3 matches (1/2 field), each match consists of 2 halves.
  • 10.30am (2004) = 3 teams, 6 Quarters. (IE – A vs B 2qtrs, A vs C 2 Qtrs, B vs C 2 Qtrs)
  • 12.40pm (2003) = 3 teams, 6 Quarters. (IE – A vs B 2qtrs, A vs C 2 Qtrs, B vs C 2 Qtrs)
  • 2:50pm (2002) = 3 teams, 6 Quarters. (IE – A vs B 2qtrs, A vs C 2 Qtrs, B vs C 2 Qtrs)
  • 5:00pm (2001, 2000, 1999) = 3 teams, 6 Quarters. (IE – A vs B 2qtrs, A vs C 2 Qtrs, B vs C 2 Qtrs)


Post Elite STP AFL Draft Combine Fitness Testing – December 13
This session gives players the chance to complete the AFL Draft Combine Fitness Testing after the completion of the Elite STP. The session can be used to compare results to testing performed at the start of the Elite STP, gauge improvement in athletic components and/or provide a starting point before the Xmas break.

This is an ‘Optional’ session, only available to 2015 Elite STP players.

Click here to book your spot. Item price $30

AFL draft combine highlights

Elite STP Wrap Week #5


Train and tour of the North Melbourne Football Club will be held Sunday 29th November, 2015. CLICK HERE to view the session times for your age group.

There is no need to confirm your availability for this event.


Andrew Ho-Peng, accredited sports dietician with DFS partner Nutrition Melbourne, explains the importance of Hydration for the junior footballer.

The importance of behaving appropriately on social media. Presented by Ryan Mobilia, Head of Social Media and co-founder of Hook Media.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQB9aj49AiM AFLPA Sport Psychologist Michael Inglis explains the ‘off-field’ attributes clubs are seeking in every player they draft. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5Jam11atp8


CLICK HERE to view the registered players for the Video Kicking Analysis. Please notify us via email ASAP if any of the details are incorrect.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_zvWdJcbV8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFBfHTac57w&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHcBzHCmaR4&feature=youtu.be


Player & Parent Handbook Click Here Players are expected to organise themselves to ensure they are in attendance at all training sessions and Elite STP events. Where possible, players are expected to be on the training track 15 minutes prior to the start of their session. It is the player’s responsibility to make sure the Coach is informed of any injury that will stop him/her from participating in normal training. No player is to leave the training track without first seeing the Coach or his/her nominated member of the Coaching Staff. Miss a training session ? Make-up sessions can be completed at any location. Please email Director or Operations, Simon Corlett, should you wish to complete a make-up session. simon@dynamicfootyskills.com.au

Click here to access details for : training venues, training times, training dates.


The work you do away from the training track is just as important as the training itself. At every level of the game, the truly great players are always the ones who work harder than anyone else. They train away from training, they train in their backyard, in the local park, at school, and even during the ads of their favourite TV show. Great players always have a footy in their hands. This is where the DFS ‘300 touches’ comes into play. We encourage you to do your 300 touches EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Before the start of every training session, all players will be expected to complete the DFS 300 touches. DFS 300 touches is for players to maximise touches of the football prior to training, which will develop ball-handling skills. Doing this simple exercise before training helps shape the hands and mentally ‘switch on’, ready for training. Below is an introduction video to some individual and partner 300 touches activities. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoxHerU5HXo


All Elite STP players are entitled to undertake our AFL Draft Combine Fitness Testing. It is up to each player to select the session that suits them best.  Numbers will be capped for each session so we encourage you to register early.  Players are only permitted to attend one testing session. Each session runs for 90 minutes.

Only the ‘optional’ $30 session is now available. To be held at Parade College, Sunday December 13th.

Click here to view the 2015 Elite STP Results

Click here to view comparison results


Video kicking analysis  (CLOSED) This is a dual angle video camera analysis of your kicking action, completed by Director of Coaching, Adrian Talarico. Adrian has completed more than 400 kicking analysis videos over the course of the Elite STP. The video link will be emailed directly to you, allowing you to access it anytime. You will also receive exclusive access to the DFS AFL player ‘model kicks’, to help you understand the exact areas that are mentioned during your kicking analysis. Item price: $50

Xmas training program  (Close December 13) This is an individual program designed for you by our Strength & Conditioning ‘gurus’, based on the results you achieve during the AFL Draft Combine Fitness Testing. Our ‘gurus’ have written over 250 XMAS training programs for previous Elite STP players. The program will focus on specific areas you want to develop, improve or maintain. It includes a 6-week program, detailing week-to-week, day-to-day activities for you to perform during the XMAS break. Click here to order your program . Item price: $50


DFS Head of Strength & Conditioning, David Veli, BESS (Hons), MExSc. 2013 Essendon FC, Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS), Chinese Institute of Sport 2014 Williamstown FC, VIS 2015 Williamstown FC, VIS, Canberra Institute of Sport. Message from David Veli “It is essential to develop your body so that it meets the demands of our physically challenging game. If you think about it, your body needs to be strong enough to hold tackles, break tackles, bump and position yourself better than your opponent. You require the speed to break away from players, agility to maximize your evasive skills, power to leap into marking contests and aerobic endurance to compete for four quarters and run your opponent into the ground. With the strength and conditioning (S&C) programs we have designed, you will work on each of these key physical attributes to ensure you optimize your performance and become a more rounded player. As always the Elite STP offers fitness testing, identical to the AFL Draft Combine which I have been involved in for the past few years. It is important to test your fitness capacities early in the program in order to give you the opportunity and responsibility to improve throughout the STP. We have three optional extras in the S&C area that will be of great benefit to individual players. The first occurs during the week of the Melbourne Cup, with a 90 minute session dedicated specifically to S&C. Between November 9 and December3 , the S&C pre-session program is held, with players spending 30 minutes prior to the start of training working with our S&C gurus. We are holding an additional testing day, after the completion of the Elite STP.” Full details can be found below. Dedicated S & C Session (Melbourne Cup week) CLOSED This is a 90 minute S&C session, available at all locations. Sessions will be held during Melbourne Cup week as there is NO skills training during this week.  The sessions, designed by Dave Veli, specifically focus on the physical attributes required to play AFL football. Pre-training Strength & Conditioning sessions (Nov 9 to Dec 6) ONLY PER SESSION Pre-training Strength & Conditioning will be held for 4 consecutive weeks, 30 minutes prior to your training session. These sessions will have limited numbers and are specifically  designed to focus on the physical attributes required to player AFL football. Item price $10 per session. Post Elite STP AFL Draft Combine Fitness Testing – December 13 This session gives players the chance to complete the AFL Draft Combine Fitness Testing after the completion of the Elite STP. The session can be used to compare results to testing performed at the start of the Elite STP, gauge improvement in athletic components and provide a starting point before the Xmas break.  Click here to book your spot. Item price $30

Elite STP 2014 – Pre-training Strength & Conditioning Week #1


One aim of the Elite STP is to encourage players to take more responsibility and ownership of their own football development. Once players reach representative football (or any sport) cool-downs are an expected part of the training schedule. Check out the following video where our Strength and Conditioning Guru, Dave Veli, guides you through a series of post-training cool-down activities, which will help with your recovery. This video will help you understand how to perform a cool-down which can be practised in your own time. If there’s any more you want to find feel free to ask your DFS strength and conditioning coach at your next session. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Jxw6tg_9xg