Injured Mitch will be back soon

DFS is pleased to share the news that DFS regular Mitch Woodcock is recovering well after suffering a horrible broken leg during a STP session late last year.
We recently caught up with Mitch to check out how his recovery is going and to see when he expects to get out on the footy field with his mates at DFS and Knox Junior Footy Club.

Mitch meets Bulldogs Jake Stringer and Marcus Bontempelli
After being stuck with a cast on his leg throughout the summer, an active Mitch has found the summer holidays a little different this year.
“It’s been hard because I haven’t been able to wakeboard over the summer and watching everyone run around while I’m on crutches,” Mitch said.
“But now I’m walking on it and it feels like its back to normal.”
His mum Sharon added: “he hasn’t complained at all and hasn’t missed out on anything he’s had a great group of friends and they took him everywhere in the wheelchair.”
Mitch says he hasn’t felt any pain since the plaster was cut to the knee, after spending 12 weeks in the cast and wheelchair.
“I think I’ll be back round 1 but everyone else says round 5 or 6. I feel confident I’ll be able to play well.”
His mum says Mitch still has to avoid running for six weeks then after a check up he will hopefully be able to train for six then get back into sport.
However, she said that since getting onto the crutches he hopping around everywhere.
“Thank goodness he’s still got quite a limp which stops him running around, he’s still not allowed to run for a couple more weeks,” Sharon said.
“I see all the kids running and there’s Mitch hopping flat out. I’m not sure if the doctor would approve but at least he’s not running.
“He’s mobility is improving every week it won’t be long till he’s back to where he was.”
Fortunately for Mitch he has been able to help out at his local footy club with training and motivation.
“He’s keen as mustard and can’t wait to get amongst it. It’s helping to stay positive and be involved around his mates and part of the team,” Sharon said.
And we are sure everyone at DFS can’t wait to see Mitch get out on the footy field and join his teammates down at DFS and Knox. Good luck Mitch!
As an avid Doggies supporter, to help cheer up Mitch he was invited by his beloved Doggies to visit The Kennel and meet his heroes, late last year.
Check out his visit below.