National Championships


“Great weather conditions on the Gold Coast have helped both the U16 boys and U18 girls show off their football attributes in a positive manner.
The U16 boys carnival has been dominated by SA who have shown precise foot skills right across the ground. Their ability to hit targets by foot in space or in tight congestion has been a real highlight.
The WA boys are the other team who have shown exciting qualities mainly being their leg speed. The boys ability to take the game on and break lines has been a delight to watch.
With the U18 girls games the two main areas I’ve seen improvement compared to last year in is the girls foot skills and their clean hands both at ground level & in the air. Seeing the talent coming through l think woman’s footy is in for some exciting times ahead.” Brett Potter (DFS Head of Coaching and Carlton FC Talent ID)
U16 RESULTS – http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-07-10/u16-division-one-championships-round-two-results
U18 RESULTS – http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-07-11/aflw-u18-queensland-causes-first-upset